SmartAgent™ Systems WORK!
SmartAgent™ products have one purpose: empowering the SmartAgent™ for succeeding in today's social media networking world. We are the one stop Internet Marketing, Laptop Presentation and Social Media training solution for today's real estate professional. We are the only choice for SmartAgents™; no other company offers such comprehensive resources in these areas.
Real Estate Website
E2000 Training™ Institute
Real Estate Web Education
Pro Presenter™ Laptop
Presentation Software
Tap into the Web & Technology

Today's competitive market requires speed and innovation. SmartAgents™ have a great website and use it as a prospecting and business building tool. What would your future hold if you choose not to keep up? Are you willing to work at keeping up with technology?
You need a Moneymaker™ website.
are Web Educated

SmartAgents™ know when their current systems are no longer making them more competitive. They seek knowledge and understand that today satisfying customers is no longer enough to win their loyalty or retention. Are your current sales methods and tools working for you? E2000 Training Institute Inc™ - specializes in real estate web education. Our courses are approved for real estate credits.
WOW their clients.

SmartAgents™ always think of creative ways to lead rather than follow. Are you wowing your customers by going beyond the normal standards when conducting a buyer/seller presentation? Are your clients raving about you to other customers? If not you need Pro-Presenter™.
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