Gabrielle Jeans,
Founder of Smart Agent Systems
GABRIELLE JEANS is an icon in the North American real estate industry. Founder and CEO of e2000 Training™ Institute Inc. and Web Tech Dezine Inc., Gabrielle has helped thousands of real estate professionals across North America build their business to new levels of profitability, market penetration and brand recognition. Her clients typically enjoy 100% to 200% greater revenue after using her products and services.
Since the late 1970's, Gabrielle has coached and consulted everyone from new real estate professionals to top producing veterans to regional real estate boards to large multi-office real estate brokerages. Today she is a 12 year search engine optimization expert, particularly for real estate professional's websites.

In the 1980's she founded a Toronto real estate company, growing it to 105 employees and $6.8 million in gross revenues within 6 years. From 1992-2000, Gabrielle worked closely with a large multi-national real estate franchise, implementing an
aggressive office acquisition strategy. The company grew to 600 offices, becoming one of the most successful real estate franchises in North America.

In 2000, Gabrielle established e2000 Training™ Institute Inc., an education provider approved by the registrar, REBBA 2002 specializing in helping real estate professionals utilize the internet enormous business potential. She then founded Web Tech Dezine Inc., developers of the MONEYMAKER™, a suite of real estate business automation products including a website for real estate professionals used by thousands across North America. Her latest offering is Pro Presenter, a leading listing presentation software package.
Today, Gabrielle Jeans is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on business development in the North American real estate business. As the guru on e-marketing for real estate professionals, Gabrielle helps build their online real estate businesses.
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